Jai Sadana of July 2009  
Title : Remember, water is precious Posted By : R.Anirudh Section : VIII - B
We have an interesting day on 22nd March.  The UN calls it World Water Day, as water has become a topic for serious discussion all over the world.

Poet Coleridge who wrote, “water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink”.  He was referring to the vast oceans and seas which have salty water.  The poet seems to have predicted the present day water scarcity.  Some 200 years ago! We do need water for cooking, bathing, washing clothes and vessels………

Water for drinking is most important of all.  You will be shocked to know that right now there is no water to wet the thirsty throat of the world’s population.  It is feared, that situation might only worsen!.

We have many rivers, lakes and ponds which give us good water, but many of them have become polluted.  We human beings are responsible for water pollution.  We should not throw garbage or allow all sorts of waste and effluent to flow into rivers, making the water unfit for drinking.

Don’t forget, how we have also been wasting water!  The time has come for us to conserve water and use it judiciously.

The theme for the “World Water Day” this year is “Shared water - shared opportunity”.  What a wonderful idea to share the available water with others!.
Title : Medical Fact Posted By : A.S. Vidya Section : IX - B
Pneumonultramicroscopicslicovolcanoconiosis  is a lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silica dust, causing inflammation in the lungs. It occurs chiefly as an instance of a very long word. The 45 letters word was coined to serve as the longest English word and is the longest word ever to appear in an English language dictionary. It is listed in the current edition of several dictionaries.  Symptoms include hyperventilation, coughing, dysphonia, anorexia, chest pain and increased susceptibility to tuberculosis.

No cure for the disease is known. Treatment include reducing exposure to particulates, chest physiotherapy, cough suppressants, antibiotics, antitubercular agents and lung transplantation. This word was invented in 1935 by Everett M. Smith, president of the National Puzzlers’ League, at its annual meeting.

Pronounce this word as (NOO-muh-noh-VL-truh-MY-kruh-SKOP-ik-SIL-i-koh-vol-KAY-no-KOH-nee-O-sis.)
Title : Eight Tips for Smart Reading Posted By : V. Vinodini Section : VIII - B
Reading brings us to another world that is different from reality.  It is a never ending journey. Reading is very useful for improving our knowledge, skill etc.,  It gives us pleasure we should develop our reading habit regularly and it should become an important part of our life. We should develop our reading skill from childhood. It helps us to express our talents. We can easily improve our reading habit by using the smart reading tips.

  • Before taking a book decide the purpose of reading. Just moving your eyes across the pages is not a perfect reading. So, we should identify what the author is about to say and proceed with that.
  • Reading environment should be calm and neat. You should improve your reading speed and reduce the eyestrain. Avoid reading any important article in bed, where we feel to relax. So, stay alert when you are reading.
  • When you sit for reading something think it as a serious job. Most people watch television, hearing music etc., when they are reading. It should be avoided. We should learn to pay attention to the studies.
  • Previous the table of contents and first and last sentences of each paragraph. First understand the book structure this will help you to know which part of the book to read more carefully.
  • Start reading from the preface. Always read in a questioning manner as it we were searching for answer. Have a goal and reach the goal. Reading skill improves by doing this.
  • Some reading material must be read slowly and carefully like mathematical equations. Math books are meant to be read slowly. Other reading material can be read faster like newspapers, magazines etc., Adjust your reading speed as the type of the material you are reading.
  • Mark the important lines. After you read a page mark the lines or words that you want to remember.
  • Don’t stop or pause lessons. If you have to stop in the middle of a lesson it is not a true lesson. The lessons should be completed in a single sitting, with no distractions otherwise we do not gain the true benefit.
So, therefore I think that these tips will be very beneficial to the students for smart reading.
Our school celebrated an auspicious day very spiritually and with due intention to make our students seek the blessings from the Guru Vyasa.  We celebrate Guru Poornima every year with great importance and sanctity.

This year 2009, we invited P.S. Raghuraman, Head of Sanskrit Department, Presidency College to add icing to our programme.  Our tenth standard students performed the ‘Padha Pooja’ to our Chief Guest and he bestowed his blessings on our students.

Later, Bhajans were sung and speeches were given by our high school students.  Our chief guest, Sri. P.S. Raghuraman also rendered his advice and gave some tips for our students.  His inspirational speech motivated us.

We had a marvelous experience which will last for long. It was a memorable event of our school.  We gained a lot of wisdom and advice on the occasion.  Our students wish to have such a wonderful experience  every year.   

Title : Nature Posted By : S.V. Swaminathan Section : VII - D
We see beauty in nature,
And many beautiful creatures.
The Plants are future plans,
And they act like fans.
We see workers working in farms,
Causing no harms.
We get help from trees,
Without giving them fees.
The beauty in the river,
Is like a sleeping tower!
Beauty is seen in fire,
When it raises higher.
The white bright moon,
Is like a moving toon.
Always we see sun,
In a faster run.
We see many fields,
With full of yields,
Like the dancing maize
And of course! Rice.
We see many mountains,
Like beautiful fountains.
We see birds in sky,
Flying so high.
Farmers grow crops,
Even on mountain tops.
We must have an attitude,
To thank nature’s gratitude.
With Nature we are tall,
Without nature, we will fall.    

Title : Fantastic days Posted By : G. Swathi Section : VIII – C
Marvelous Monday which makes me Happpy.
Tutelage Tuesday which makes me Jolly.
Wail Wednesday which makes me Sad.
Taciturn Thursday which makes me Talking.
Fabulous Friday which makes me Tame.
Sensible Saturday which makes me a Singer.
Stupid Sunday which makes me like a Ginger.

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