Jai Sadana of September 2009  
Title : Ambition Posted By : B. Yogesh Section : X - A
The view of light from darks
After five or six ages from that
Thee step, view the golden barks
Strive the bark – selection with a happy pat.

The axe to slice was midget and frail
Unable to pierce the golden wood
But would be bolstered its head and tail
And would supply robe, shelter and food

A couple of ages would thereby end
Thee choose a bark that coruscates thy eyes,
But it may be dingy to your – age friend
But thy bark – ‘golden one’ as your like ties.

The, five or six ages would gradually skip
Would also be bolstered thy axe to whittle
And the bark thee chose may be firm in your tip
Or a bark vicissitude if the heart’s a brittle

Terminally arrives the eminent end of teens
Thee choose a bark that your life likes
May still exist the first chosen carrier means
Or the selection may have had constant hikes.

Whatever thee choose – harden or deaden
Neither be lead by the greed of mate
Nor by your begetters words of coercion
But only by your craves; not by fate.


Stanza – I:
    After five or six years from the day your were born, you would come to know about the various opportunities in this world.  You would also struggle to select your ambition with a pat from your parents
 [ ‘Bark’ refers to opportunities; not tree barks ]

Stanza – II:
    Actually, your experience regarding the opportunities is very
small. So, you are unable to select your ambition. But, this experience would be developed by the action of teachers and this experience
would indirectly supply you with basic necessities in your future.
[ ‘Axe’ here refers to experience ]

Stanza – III:
    After a couple of ages, you would choose opportunities that
shine well to your eyes. But the opportunity you chose may not be
like by your friends.  But, the opportunity you chose is the golden
one for you as it was liked by you (i.e.,) you like it.

Stanza – IV:
    As five or six ages then passes, your experience to choose opportunities would also be increased.  Sometimes, you may be
constant in your decision of choosing any one opportunity. Or
you may also be changing from one opportunity to another as your
heart is easily changeable.

Stanza – V:   
    Finally comes the important teenage of yours. Now you need to choose an opportunity that you like the most. The first opportunity you chose in your life may still exist till the end of your lives. Or it can also have constant changes.

Stanza – VI:   
        Whatever opportunity you chose can be risky or non-risky, but, it must not be led by selfishness of friends. It must also not be lead by compulsion of parents. But you must only choose your opportunities.
Not by your fate!

Title : Nature Posted By : B. Varunika Section :
“NATURE! Nature is a creature”
The birds which fly like an arrow mark
The clouds which form a temple like a picture
The clouds which covers the Sun
But the Jealousy which converts
The good person into bad due to some reason
The birds which sit on the tree
As they say to us that they are free
The leaves which dry up
Say they are warming up
The fruits say that we are sweet
And it is you wish to eat
Without nature we can live
Like same as air
Birds go in pair
The stars will twinkle
As they say that we are bright
And we also give you light,
The moon which is like silver
Which is so bright, that is beautiful
Thunderstorms & lightning is dangerous
But some people’s mind thinks like
A Scavenger
“NATURE! Nature is a creature”
So, Please do not disturb it!

Title : NEWS PAPER Posted By : N. Shaguftha Firdouse Section :
I am a Newspaper
I am read in each and every house
I give news to people; from
All the corners of the world.

Everything like sports and politics!
The whole World is dependent on me,
I feel very tired,
Really I have a busy day.

I was born in 1582
I ache when children tear me,
I put it that way b’coz you’re
Sure to see the point.

Title : ODE TO THE NEWS PAPER Posted By : K. Lokeswari Section : X-C
My dear little friend
Our friend-ship will never end
You keep me lively
My day begins with you
And ends with you
There is no gay
When you don’t come to me a day
You enlighten me in ignorance
And light me in the darkness
When I am sad
You make me glad
You are my best friend
I hang on to you till my end
You are my best adviser
Who makes me wiser
Day by day we are becoming so closer
Without you I am a loser
My dear little friend
Our friendship won’t end.

Title : My Ideas of Happy Life. Posted By : S. Susmitha Section : IX – B
Now-a-days anxiety and worry are rubbing away peace of mind. At
present most of all are living a life with full of struggles and hurdles. At
present, modern living and thinking added problems, troubles to our daily lie.
It is a common belief that money gives happiness. Infact,  money multiplies problems which create unhappiness.

To live a happy life we should not purchase things irrespective of their necessity. All of us suffer and make our life unhappy. Mostly we imitate others
and purchase costly things. This naturally brings unhappiness. Also we should curtail our unnecessary purchase and reduce our wants and desires as far as possible.

To have happy life we should feel contented. Without happiness nothing
can be achieved. Happiness in life also depends on health of a person. It is said “Health is wealth”. That is why loss of wealth is nothing compared to loss of
health. A person with good health will have sound body and sound mind. So,
to maintain healthy life we should do physical exercise.

Happiness not only comes through health, it will also come by doing
service to mankind. We all know “Service to humanity is service to God”. We
should not hesitate to do service to old and disabled people. As I remember,
our great Mother Teresa who gave place for our daily life for orphans. This
service no doubt will increase happiness in our lives.

Happiness also comes through behaviour, discipline, respect etc., if we
give respect to elders, they will bless us. Blessings will give us a happy life.
Enjoy yourself! you are born to live a happy life engage in religious discourses
and spiritual practices to achieve happiness, peace and tranquility in life.

Title : The Fight Posted By : S. Sowmiya Section : IX – B
A guest was about to arrive to Ramu’s house for dinner. Ramu’s mother prepared some junk foods like pizzas and burgers to offer to the guest. She kept it on a table near the vegetable basket and she went away. The junk foods were very proud of themselves. They said to the vegetables, “O Vegetables! How poor you are! Everyone likes to eat us as we are very tasty. Now-a-days no one likes to eat vegetables and greens. How poor you are!” The vegetables replied, “May be you are very much tasty, but we contain all the nutrients necessary for a body and we keep a person fit and healthy. Like this, a great argument was going between the junk foods and vegetables.

At last, the guest arrived. Ramu’s mother offered him the junk foods. As the guest was a doctor, he refused to eat the junk foods. He explained the ill-effects of junk foods and asked for a vegetable salad.

Hearing this, the junk foods became ashamed of themselves. They stopped teasing the vegetables. On the other hand, the vegetables were very happy.

So, as students, we should know the ill-effects of junk foods and we should eat more and more vegetables.

Title : Expressing My Views About Posted By : T. Manoj Section : IX-B
Corruption is an evil. It is man’s creation for his own destruction. It is still becoming worse today. Men want to get things done quickly and selfishness has increased both in high class and in low class society.

Corruption is nothing but compelling an individual to favour one. People are addicted to it because of poverty and greed. In olden days people worked selflessly. In this competitive, modern scientific world people want to raise their standard of living quickly in dishonest ways. Corruption has spread all over the world.

It is that politicians and officials are earning a lot of money. Even the noble professions like doctors, lawyers and teachers are not free from this defect. From the peon to the high official all are involved in it.

Smuggling, black marketing are other forms of corruption. Before scandal is an act of world wide corruption. It reflects upon the standard of our nation. Corruption is created by masses. Gradually it will leave the world.
Title : OUR VISIT TO SECRETARIAT Posted By : R. Haarika Section : X-C
Ten of our schoolmates and myself under the guidance of Principal and two of our English teachers visited the ‘Secretariat’ one of the key buildings in “Singara Chennai”. We started at 8:15 am and reached there about 9:00 am. Then we entered in at 9:40 am and we were listening to all the conversation till 11:00 am.

When we entered the hall, it was as silent as a meditation hall. The spokes person Mr. Aavudaiyappan was busy solving disputes among the different party members. There were more than 100 ministers, out of which 10 were women.

A minister raised the question that they had got a land in Tambaram and what about that? Did the DMK party construct any building after coming to power. Then another minister who was responsible for all these said that they had laid construction for 45 buildings out of which 25 are completed, 20 are in progress.

Then a minister from Dharmapuri district demanded for basic amenities in Anjaneyar temple at Dharmapuri where 1 lakh people would visit annually. The minster responsible responded that he would provide if the entry fee was increased and he would even request to the cleaning of the river.

There ended the peaceful demonstration. Then a minister readout the schedule timings for each party. The angry opposition party started demonstration. Though, the speaker tried to convince the parties,

Mr.Mahendran from the minority opposition revolted. Ten people including two women were dragged out by the security people because they were out of control.

The education minister thanked the minster who was responsible for constructing a school. That school contains 2500 students out of which 1500 are girls. So, he asked for separate Girls High School, so that it would be more comfortable. The agriculture and milk production unit minister said that he had improved the quality of milk and thereby labourers and he said that there is finance problem.

After few moments, again the revolt started. The protest was about freedom for speech. The speaker said that the party was given 2 minutes extra to speak i.e., 17 minutes, whereas, the time allotted was 15 minutes. Again the protest started. The opposition parties banged on the bench to show their opposition. Finally, the chief minister arrived and the assembly continued.

Thank God! It ended peacefully.
Title : Our School Events Posted By : S.Ambika Section : IX-B
Our students had a visit to the Secretariat and had a different experience on 20th July 2009.  They learnt how the government has been functioning, deciding and Judging many problems in the State. Thus, our journey to secretariat was useful to them.

Our next event was Interschool Elocution competition among our Trust on 29th July 2009. Our school was the centre for English elocution and our school students won 5 prizes.

According to the saying of Swami Vivekananda that “A sound mind is a sound body” and “All work and no play makes Jack a Dull boy”, Our school conducted  Trust Sports Meet at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on 1st August 2009. The events were held for Junior & Senior boys and girls category.  The events were long jump, high jump, shot put, 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m running race. The first and second place winners can participate in Annual Sports Meet.

Then the spectacular event of Annual sports meet was held on 12th August 2009. Inspector General of Police Mr. Abhash Kumar and Secretary of All India Chess Federation D.V. Sundar were our Chief Guests. M. Prasanth of Class VIII bagged the Championship Under Junior Boys Category.

“Mere to Giridhar Gopal Durso na koi
     Jake sir mor mukat mere pati soi”
is the famous verse of Thulasi Das about Lord Krishna. We celebrated Krishna Jayanti in our school premises on 14th August, 2009.  Our students sang bhajans on Lord Krishna and Krishna idol was decorated beautifully.

To show our patriotism we celebrated Independence day in Patriotic manner.  We also had a spectacular march past by our students. Our Chief Guest Retd. Police Commissioner Shri. Padmanaban hoisted the flag and cultural events were the highlights of the day.

Title : LAUGH Posted By : S. Nandhini Section : IX-B
Past Tense :
Teacher ;     “ I am young and beautiful.  Ramu tell what tense it is”.
Ramu :     “ Past tense Madam’.

Very Slow :
Doctor: “ Your heart beating is very slow”
Patient: “ Yes Sir, I am a driver of Goods train”.

Two weeks to live:
The Doctor decided that it was time to tell the truth to the patient.  Taking courage, he told him: “I’ve bad news for you. But be brave. You have only two weeks to live.  Is there anyone you would like to see before your death.
“yes”, said the patient. “I would like to see another doctor”.

On my Birthday ;
Santha :         “Pinky, when and where were you born?”
Pinky:        “Aunty, I was born in a hospital on my birthday”.

Very bad in Grammar
Prabha:    “The accuracy of a computer is beyond our imagination.
Rahul:        “Yes Mom!, But computers are very bad in Grammar”.
Prabha:    Why?
Rahul:        “Because every time I shut it down, my computer gives the  message,  Windows ‘is’ shutting down.

Come here again & again
Judge:        “Don’t you feel ashamed that you come here again & again?
Thief:        “Then you are the one who should be more ashamed”.
Judge:        “How so?”
Thief:        “Your Honour”, I come here twice a month, but you come here  Every day.

You must write more clearly
The teacher handed back to the class the corrected papers she had corrected.
“Does anyone want to ask a question?” She asked.
“Yes Madam,” replied one boy, “I cannot read what you have written at the bottom of the paper”.
The teacher glanced to the paper and said: “I have written, you must write more clearly”

Same age:
A Judge asked a woman her age.
“Thirty” she replied.
“You have given that age in this court for the last three years”.
“Yes Sir, I am not one of those who says one thing today & another thing tomorrow”.

Mother tongue:
Son:        Daddy, Why do people call the language they speak their mother tongue?
Father:    Because father never get a chance to use it.

Let us see the menu first:
Housewife:    “I will give you dinner if you chop up the pile of wood”, said the housewife to the bggar.
Beggar:        “Let’s see the menu first”.

Title : Global Warming Posted By : B. Anitha Section : X-C
We all know the earth is getting warmer. In the last century alone, its temperature has gone up 0.70C.   Climate models project that the average temperature could rise further by at least 1.10C in this century. In the 5 billion-year-old history of our planet, such a rapid increase has not been seen until recently.

Why is the Earth getting Warmer suddenly?
It is because the percentage of the green house gases-mainly carbon-di-oxide in the atmosphere has been going up steadily. Just as a glass green house traps the sun’s heat, green house gases like Co2 and methane too lock in the heat energy from the sun into the atmosphere. Of course, green house gases are very important; without them the earth would be too cold to support life. But increased levels of these gases means more heat is getting trapped in the atmosphere than necessary.

Most scientists agree that humans are solely responsible for higher levels of green house gases. The single largest culprit is the thermal power plant that emits Co2 when a fossil fuel like coal is burned to produce electricity.  Also, garbage landfills release methane – another powerful green house gas – into the atmosphere.

Emission from factories and vehicles as well as air conditioners do their bit to warm up the Earth. Hence, Scientists are currently exploring the possibility of using bio-fuels for transport.

How can you make a difference?
You don’t have to wait until you grew up to do something about global warming – in your own small way, you too can contribute towards the cause.

  • Walk or use a cycle whenever possible. Use public transport or car pool.
  •     Always remember to switch off the fans and light.
  •     Remove mobile charges from the socket after charging.
  •     Plant a tree and take care of it.
  •     Each and every human beings on the Earth have a share of responsibility to save Earth from the pollution.
  •     We, the people of the world must get together and work together to save our Earth and Nature – Which is the gift of god to us.
Plant Trees!         Save the Earth!

Title : aaaa Posted By : aaa Section : aaaa
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