Jai Sadana of October 2009  
Title : Laser and holograms Posted By : N. Karthika Section : X-C
A laser beam can cut through steel as easy as a knife cuts through butter. A laser is a device that produces a powerful beam of light.  The word laser stands for light amplification by stimulated Emission of Radiation. All lasers produce coherent light.  Coherent light is very pure, which means that all the light waves have the same wavelength they are all “in Step” with one another, and they are all traveling in exactly the same direction. Laser light can be used to create three-dimensional photographs called Holograms

How a Laser works?
    The heart of a laser is a material called a lasing medium. The lasing medium is given energy, usually by an electric current or by light from a device called a flash tube. The atoms of the lasing medium absorb the energy and then give it out again as waves of coherent light. The light reflects back and forth between two mirrors, becoming more and more intense, until it emerges from one of the mirrors as a laser beam.

    Holograms are photographs that appear three-dimensional (3D).  This effect is produced by taking a photograph using two different sets of light waves from a laser beam.  Holograms have many uses because they allow people to see an object from different angles

Title : The Honey Bee Posted By : S. Susmitha Section : IX-B
The honey bee is a social insect.  It is a fly known to man for its usefulness from olden times.  The bees are mostly found in tropical countries.  Honey bees are mostly vegetables feeders.   Bees thrive best in the forests and gardens.  They live in hives.  Bee-hives are made up by the wax produced by them.  In a hive there are several parallel combs which are divided into hexagonal shaped cells. The cells are divided for storing honey, for living and for laying eggs etc.  They live harmoniously and work for the common good of the colony.

    In a colony there are three types of bees namely queen, drones and workers.  The colour of the bee is usually brown or black.  It has small body with tiny head.  The head contains a pair of eyes, two antennae, a trunk to suck nectar and a sting to bite the enemy.  It has two tiny legs in the front and four sturdy legs in middle.  It has two wings.  There are bees like flying and humming ones other than honey bee also.

    Honey bees are very useful to man; they provide honey, bees-wax and also help as pollinators.  Without bees fruit formation in orchards and grooves will reduce very much.  Thus bees help very much indirectly for our agriculture economy.Bee keeping  is a very good and useful to pass time that improves the economy of man.  Birds and wasps are the enemies of the bees.  Man, it seems to the worst enemy of the bees.

        “All the things in this world are all God’s gift to us”.  Like that we have  such a useful honeybee.  We should not harm honey bees.  We should protect them.  I end this by writing “Help Everyone, Don’t Hurt Anyone”.

Title : A Tribute to Mother Posted By : K. Soundar Rajan Section : X-B
  • Mother whose presence gives, meaning to every creation.
  •  A Mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one can take.
  •  Mother’s love kept you alive, only love can keep any one alive.
  •  Thank you for making us feel that nothing that you have achieved is worth more than our love.
  •  A mother is a loving angel.  In her arms you find warmth and love which you can never find anywhere else.
  • Mother leads you from untruth to truth, from darkness to light and from death to immortality.
  • Mother is the heartbeat in the home; and without her there
  • seems to be no heart throb
Title : Intelligent Indians Posted By : S. Sowmiya Section : IX-B
Five Indians and five Americans were traveling in a train.  All the five Americans got the ticket but the Indians brought only one ticket for all of them.  When TTR came for checking all five went into the toilet.  TTR knocked the door of the toilet and they showed only one ticket which they have got and escaped from the TTR.  The Americans were watching all these.  Next time, the Americans also followed the same method.  This time the Indians did not buy any ticket.  The Americans as usual went into the toilet.  Instead of TTR the Indians knocked the door.  The Americans thought it was the TTR and gave the ticket.  The Indians took the ticket and now the Americans were left in trouble.

    Three Americans went on a tour to a village in India.  On their way, they saw a broad river.  They wanted to cross the river to go to the other end.  First American prayed, “God, Please give me a bundle of wood”.  God granted his wish and he gave him a bundle of wood.  He crossed the river in I hr.

    The next American prayed, “God, Please give me a boat so that I could cross this river easily”.  God granted his wish too.  With the help of a boat, he crossed the river in half-an-hour.

    The third American prayed to God, “God, Please transform me to an Indian”. According to his wish he was transformed to an Indian.  He walked a few steps in the rightward direction and found a bridge.  He walked over the bridge and crossed the river in 10 minutes.

Indians are always intelligent but they are not using their intelligence in a proper way.  So as sincere citizen of India we all should act wisely and intelligently.

    “We should be proud to be an Indian”

Title : The Memory of This Incident St Posted By : Sonali Section : IX-B
Last year I witnessed a daring bank robbery. It was Monday. I had gone with my father to the Punjab National Bank to encash a cheque.  The Bank was crowded with customers. There was a great rush to each counter.  I also stood in a long queue before the Savings fund counter.  There was nothing unusual for sometime.

        Just then six persons entered the Bank.  They were dressed in uniforms.  They pretended to check up the security arrangements of the Bank.  For some time none could know what the matter was.  But soon it became clear that they were bank-robbers.  They had pistol and daggers. Within no time, two of them, snatched the gun from the watchmen standing at the gate.  The others proceeded further.  They pushed the customers aside and ordered them to keep back.  One of them entered the manager’s cabin and aimed his pistol at him.  One of the robbers threatened the staff, at the point of gun to remind who they were. Two of the robbers forced their way to the cash counter and began to fill their bags with currency notes.  There was no movement from any corner.  None was ready to risk his life.  The robber took away the bags and rushed out.  It all happened within minute and the manager who was watching everybody helplessly now took courage and rang the alarm bell.  But it was too late.  The robbers had sped away in a car which was waiting outside for them.  Meanwhile the police arrived on the scene.  They chased the robbers, but the chase proved futile.  The police found the car, it has been abandoned by the robbers on a wayside road.  Let us hope that trace out them.

                What a good imagination!

Title : PUZZLES Posted By : A. Pooja. Section : VI-D
All about Science and Scientist.

1.   Our former president and a great scientist.  (10 letter  Name)

2.   An ancient Indian Scientist (10 letter  Name)

3.   Wise man of America. (17 letter Name)

4.   Chandra Sekhara Venkata  Raman - (9  letter Name)

5.   Computer Inventor (13 letter  Name)

6.   Medicine of Small pox. (11 letter Word)

7.   Telescope inventor (14 letter Name)

8.   Gravitational Force (10 letter  Name)

9.   Father of Mathematics (9  letter Name)

10. Aeroplanes (13  letter Name)

1.Abdul Khalam 2. Aryabhatta 3.Benjamin Franklin 4.C.V. Raman 
5. Charles Babbage  6.Edwards Jenner 7. Galeleio 8. Issac Newton
9.Srinivasa Ramanujam 10.Wright Brothers

Title : My Journey Experience To UAE Posted By : J. Sarathjeyavanth Section : IX-C
I started my journey on a pleasant day by Thai Airways from Chennai International airport.  I was very much excited as it was my first journey through an aeroplane.  I enjoyed a lot.  I was feeling at the top of the world as I am flying many kilometers above the land surface.  I was little bit afraid too.  But it was so nice.

    I arrived at Dubai International airport on a sparkling night.  I went to my father’s house by a car which my father arranged.  It was so pleasant to watch building that touched the sky.  There are many parks and amusement parks which I enjoyed a lot and thrilled.  I enjoyed the waves of the beach as it is so calm and not so violent as beaches in India.  The climate was hot during the day while cold in the night.

    I got many friends from my father’s circle.   They were really so good. As we all have fun between each other.  The style of life is different in India, When compared to Dubai.   The U.A.E Government gave main importance to women rather than men.  The cops are also very strict as there was no theft, car accidents or murders.  By seeing the cops’ activities I really want to salute them and I want Indian cops to be like them.  There is no problem for foreign citizens in U.A.E.  I returned with some sadness and finally reached Chennai after a 50 days tour.

Title : Terrorism Posted By : S. Sudarshan Section : IX-B
Terrorism is so hot
Not like water in a pot
Up of the finger has nail                        
Up to the terrorists is jail
They think life is a game
They get only bad name
Though there is rise of sun
Never silence to their gun
They follow path of terror
Which is a type of horror
We pay the government tax
But in return we get terror attacks
Their policy is to beat about the bush
But police squad come there in a rush
Blood flows everywhere like a stream
What they want is people to scream
When they are always near
 They want public to fear.

Title : Largest Snake Posted By : Nisha Section : X - C
Remember the giant snake of movie Anaconda which swallows the whole human with in a matter of seconds.  Now imagine a snake many times bigger than that in real life. In fact the remains of giant snake which was living 60 millions years ago have been found by a team of scientists in Colombia.   The team claimed that it was the biggest snake even found.  The have named it titanoboa cerejonesis, meaning itanic boa from cerrejon, which is a coal mine where the remains of snake were found.  Titanoboa was longer than a bus a weighed around 2,500 pounds.

    You are looking at Vertebrae from 2 species of snake.  The smaller model on the left belongs to anaconda, a giant serpant that can grow to 7 m in length & weigh 45 kg.  It is largest snake alive.

Title : Few lines to the depressed Hea Posted By : Parvatha Section : IX-B
Be a Scientific person
        Don’t be a superstitious one.
    Trust your Heart
        Don’t trust others Heart.
    Talk to books
        Don’t talk with people
    Take the good habits from others
        Leave the Bad ones
    Be an optimistic person
        Don’t be a pessimistic one
    Life is sweet as custard apple or watermelon.
        But both has some disgraceful seeds,      
        These seeds are the obstacles of our lives .
        So, remove the obstacles and have a sweet life.
        All the best for your Happy Life

Title : Special Qualities in Tamil Nad Posted By : Sivagami Section : IX-C
   The longest Beach             :    Marina Beach
    The tallest Peak                :    Thottapetta
    The longest River              :    Kaveri
    Gateway of Tamil Nadu    :    Tuticorin
    Queen of Hill Station         :    Ooty
    Manchester of Tamil Nadu:    Coimbatore
    Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu   :    Tanjore
    City with Beautiful Statues    
    & Story saying architecture :    Mamallapuram

Title : A BIRD OF NORTH Posted By : N. Md. Faizaan Section : IX-C
I fly among the hills

From deserts to windmills

Flying across many bridges

Hoping on the mountain ridges

Never do I stop to rest

Anywhere on Earth’s crust,

At last I reach north

 To once again go forth

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