Jai Sadana of November 2009  
Title : Sports and Games Posted By : P. Sri Kumar Section : X – C
I love sports and games
Which provide us name and Fame

There are many games
But every one is not interested in every games

Sports and games keep our body fit
But we need training little bit

In sports no one is Racialised
But every one is equalized

Sports brings out humanity
And also bring out unity

Many big name in sports
Not in any other field

Title : Good Posted By : R. Amirudhavarshini Section : VII – A

Think Good    -    That

Keeps you        -    Pleasant

Act Good        -    That

Makes you        -    Honest

Talk good        -    That

Claims you        -     Decent

Feel good        -    That

Heals you        -    Calm

Spread Good    -    That

Threats Our    -    Hearts

Good is a food    -    That

Enriches  body and Soul

Title : Save Posted By : G. Sneha Section : VII – D
Save the trees

Or else life will be cut short

Save the water

Or else there will

Be only tears to


Save power

Or else our future

Will be dark

Save the fuel

Or else our lives

Will be covered with pollution

Save the forest

Or else the green

Land scapes will turn

Into garbage dumps

Save the climate

Or else our Planet

Will boil

Save the earth

Or else we will have

Nowhere to live


Title : War Posted By : S.V. Swaminathan Section : VII – D
What is a War?
It is full of sore,
It is a fight with gun,
And not a fun.
We find people dead,
With the red coloured blood.
We fight to conquer lands,
And break the friendship bonds!
It takes people’s lives,
In thousands like bees in hives.
It causes pollution
But has a solution
To get others’ farms,
We break our arms!
We fight to win others’ town,
To get the crown.
War must be stopped!
As it is a dust that must be mopped.
We should save people’s life,
By changing swords into knife.

Title : Memorable Experience Posted By : Sonali Section : IX – B
When I was young,

I could feel the touch

of sky with a flung

The birds beat fast their wing

While I enjoyed riding on my swing

Title : Memory of my Grandfather Posted By : Parvatha Section : IX – B
I have some glimpse of my grand father

His simplicity is same as the hermit

He also tends the people with his charming words.

I can feel and smell his presence

But he is only in my heart soothing my worries.

Title : Time Posted By : V. Balaje Section : VII – D
The ‘tick-tock’ – time,

Which sounds very rhyme,

It is very precious,

And its working make me curious,

It’s smallest hands which act like

Makes the blooming of the flowers,

The clocks have the hands,

Which rotate like fans,

Time is like a treasure,

It gives us more pleasure

If used in measure.

Title : Order of Love Posted By : D. Lavanya Section : VI - A
One Sunday afternoon a children’s program was on broadcast from Chennai radio station.  It was “Pappavukku Oru Kathai” presented by Radio Anna.  “Hello!, Brothers and sisters, Good evening to you all helping others is a good habit.  You should learn that habit from your childhood.  Hey…. A boy has a doubt. “Anna we are all small children.  What do we have?  How we can help others? It is funny.
    “Aha…. Your questions are right.  You too can help others,  How? Do you know? When your teacher asks you to write the lessons after teaching, many may have pens or pencils but some may not have.  At that time, you can help any of them by giving your extra pen or pencil.  Thus you can develop your helping nature and all will appreciate you.  Isn’t it?
    Ok!  Listen to the programme.
    There was a gentleman who worked hard right from his early days.  He became very rich and very popular through out the world.  Once he became sick and was admitted in a hospital. He lost his wealth on his medical treatment.
    Thousands of people came to meet the gentleman in the hospital.  They brought large number of orange and apple.  The room was about to fill with fruits.  So, the gentleman asked his attendant Mr. V.K. Acharri.  “can you squeeze all fruits and prepare juice?”  He replied, “Yes, I can……”  So he prepared juice and poured in big jars.  “Sir,…. The juice is ready” said the attendant.
    The gentleman said at once, “Please serve the juice to all the patients and their attendants in this hospital with the permission of the doctors”.  Then the juice was supplied to everyone in the hospital.
    “Dear brothers and sisters what a noble character he had even in his sickness he never forget to help others.  Do you know who is he?  He is “Kalaivanar N.S. Krishnan”.

Title : Clean Habits and eating habits Posted By : V. Lijitha kumara Section : VI – A
Clean Habits:
  •    Keeping clean is necessary for good health we must develop clean habits.
  •    We must wash our hand after going to toilet.
  •     We must keep our nails clean.
  •    We must brush our teeth in the morning and also before going to bed
  •     We must wash our face with soap and water and dry it with a clean towel.
  •     We should take care of eyes and ears.
Eating Habits:
  •    Eat at fixed hours only.
  •    Eat only fresh and covered food.
  •    Eat from clean plates and dishes.
  •    Eat slowly and chew the food well.
  •    Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  •    Do not talk when you have food in your mouth.
  •    Wash your hands and mouth before and after eating.
  •     Do not waste food.
  •     Be cheerful while eating.
  •     Avoid excessive of candies cakes and ice-creams

Title : The immortal asset – Education Posted By : The immortal asset – Education Section : IX – A
Education means bringing up an individual mentally, physically and morally.  Education exercise the brain, sharpen the intellect and makes the logical understanding incisive.  The mechanical infrastructure of our body needs regular and meticulous attention.  Brain, perhaps the most complicated of all machineries is the most fragile part of the human system.  Life is really dull and dreary if it is not kindled with the flambeau of education.  Education has come to play a significant role in a person’s life.
    There is an age old Chinese proverb which is very explicit in its relevance.
    “If you plan for a year, plant a seed.
    If for ten years, plant a tree.
    If for hundred years educate the children and people”.
    According to this proverb, when you sow seed once, you will reap a single harvest.  When you educate the people you will reap hundred harvests.
    Education is at the heart of any solution we may think of for the problem of India.  There is a need to revolutionize the educational system, which should be the focus of all the efforts.  The vanities of education of our time are tremendous.
    “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man”.  Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested, all your life.  We must have life building, man making, character making assimilation of ideas.
     We want the education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased and by which one can stand on one’s own legs.
    The very essence of life is education and the very essence of education is concentration of mind and not the collection of facts.  Education is the essence of all knowledge; nothing can be done without it.
    Ninety percent of thought force is wasted by ordinary human being and therefore he is constantly committing blunders.  The trained man or mind never makes a mistake.
    The strength and force of blow come through education.   There is no limit to the power human mind.  The more concentrated it is the more power is brought to bear on one point, that is the success.  All the knowledge that the world has over received comes from the mind, the infinite library of the universe is in our own mind.
    Hence education is an immortal asset.  According to the saying “The ink of a scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr” is the duty of all the men and women to be educated.  Education is a must for the well being of human beings.  Let us try to make our country peace and prosperous.
    “Try to make India the Leading top star.  Jai Hind!”

Title : Happy and Unhappy and in life Posted By : B. Divya Varshini Section : X – A
“If you are happy in life right now, it’s  not because everything about your life is necessary going right, but because a relationship that really matters to you the most is going great.

      If you are unhappy in life now, it’s not because everything about your life is necessarily going wrong, but because a relationship that really matters to you the most is not going great”.

Title : A Friend from Birth to Death Posted By : D. Geetha Section : IX – C
Trees are gift of nature.  Their beauty and grandeur has always fascinated man.  The green tree has filled our hearts with great pressure.
    Trees are our friends.  They live with us from birth to death.  When a baby is born we put him in a cradle which is made from a tree when he goes to school.  He uses desk and chair which is made up of a tree, the pencil he first uses is made of a tree.  The fruits and vegetables he takes everyday is from the tree. The rubber which we use is from the trees.  It gives us shelter and good breeze.  It takes the air we give out and gives oxygen.  Trees help us to bring down the temperature of the surroundings area.  The bed we sleep is made from the tree. The sofa we use in the house is made from the tree. The cotton we stuff in the pillows is from a tree. The doors and windows in our home is given by a tree. When a man dies his body taken in a coffin box, which is made of a tree and at least he is burnt with wood which is from a tree.
    Thus a man from birth to death is attached with a tree. For his living the trees have sacrificed their lives; but what has man done to the trees?  Think of it! At least in future we will take an oath that whenever a baby is born a small plant should be grown in every house.  Trees are eternal source of peace and vital energy.  Thus we should protect and preserve them to save our future and environment!
Remember “Trees are green Gold!”

Title : Friendship Posted By : G. NandhaKumar Section : X – B
Diamonds dazzle forever

Stars twinkle forever

Gold glitters forever and

Friendship stands tall forever.

Title : Effort Posted By : R. Amriudha Varshini Section : VII – A
Try Try again

Result may give you pain

Don’t feel it as strain

Try once again

Effort never be vain

Day will come to gain

Changes will shower like rain

Then you may feel fine.

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