School Curriculum  
  Art of Public Speaking  
  School and Office Timings  
  General Instructions  
  Extra Curricular activities  
  Infra Structure  
  Request to Parents  
  Note to Pupils  


  To co-operate with the school in the progress and development of their ward by insisting regularity, punctuality and discipline.  
  To meet the teachers if necessary after school hours and not to disturb them during school working hours when they are bust at work.  
  To develop a good rapport, attendance on parent-teacher meet is essential.  
  Have a check on students’ handbook everyday for any instruction/information and keep vigil on your wards’ completion of assignment, homework and their submission on time.  
  Change of telephone number & residential address to be intimated without fail.  
  Seeking information through office staff on telephone for matters, which have been intimated through child’s diary or circular is not entertained.  
  To see their children adhere to the rules and regulation of the school in the interest of the children.  
  To avoid seeking leave for every family function unless inevitable.  
  To ensure that the name, class and section of the pupil is clearly labeled on all his belongings.  
  To ensure the students is sent to school in neat and proper uniform.  
  Tuition inside or outside by SDCVV teachers is not entertained.  
  Not to keep their personal belongings such as cell phone, keys etc., in their children’s lunch bags or school bags.  
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