School Curriculum  
  Art of Public Speaking  
  School and Office Timings  
  General Instructions  
  Extra Curricular activities  
  Infra Structure  
  Request to Parents  
  Note to Pupils  


  Good behavior is a mark of true culture.  
  Great all the teachers and elders. Stand up at once and wish the teachers or visitor when he/ she enters or leaves the classroom.  
  Be refined and polite while speaking to elders in general  
  Maintain decorum and discipline  
  Keep your school and classroom neat and tidy so that you and others may be proud of it.  
  Aim at full attendance, be punctual and regular to school.  
  Take part in games. Sports refreshes the mind and gives renewed energy to pursue your studies.  
  Participate in all the inter-school and club activities and avail the best of the opportunities offered to you.  
  Shape yourself to be a perfect child in all the aspects so that your parents and teachers feel proud of you.  
  Read more books and refine your speech and behavior  
  Never waste time. Time is precious. Try to excel in every moment.  
  Be regular in your studies and work.  
  Try to cultivate good habits, quietness and controlled movements and speech.  
  Follow the lofty ideals of Swami Vivekananda.  
  Converse in English to improve your spoken skill.  
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